Restore is a holistic programme that helps people deal with the causes of addiction, become holistically healthy and obtain long-term employment. It is ideal for people who want help to overcome things like addiction, past hurts, broken relationships, cycles of crime, unemployment, and purposelessness.

Restore runs from Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm. Students are picked up for karakia at 7am followed by breakfast. Each student then participates in physical fitness, addiction, relationships, finances, personal development, and work experience modules. Our addiction module is facilitated by Paul Aspley, a qualified counsellor with considerable experience in this area. Paul also does one on one counselling with each student.

Our students adhere to a strict but supportive curriculum that focuses on their physical, spiritual, psychological, and social well-being.

Restore is an intensive programme. While we never make excuses for people, we appreciate that it is difficult for people to leave their old life of drugs and crime.

Restore is a very relational programme. Mentoring is a big part of our strategy and we believe it is a key component to the success we are seeing. Each person that joins our programme comes with a unique set of challenges. A big part of our programme involves getting alongside people and helping them with their unique challenges and building into them as people.

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